Sneak Peek

For Valentine’s Day this year, the Mr. and I had a very special date planned. We decided to gift ourselves with a sneek peek at our little WildGirl with a 4D Ultrasound!

It’s been weird, if not difficult, connecting with the baby growing inside of me. I constantly feel her moving and growing but until Saturday it was really hard to identify and connect with her – harder to believe that she’s a real, live baby. Ever since having this opportunity, I can’t stop looking through the pictures and play the video on repeat. She now feels so real and I can’t stop saying how cute she is! I can’t wait to meet her! T-two months!!

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Baby bedding is finished! I completed the bumper today and am so happy with the final result.

Here it is all together (and ironed for my mom who thought the skirt looked too sloppy from the last pic 🙂 )

Overall, I wouldn’t say that this project was too challenging, however not sure I would undertake the task myself again as it did take way longer than I was planning. Now that it’s done, I can finally turn to some other smaller projects that I’m really looking forward to completing before WildGirl makes her appearance!

For the record, we didn’t re-paint the room… The walls are really much more like the picture in the previous entry.

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The beginning…

Husband painted the walls while I was out of town two weekends ago and got the crib and assembled it this week. I’m looking forward to spending the weekend sewing and crafting – making more progress, but this is definitely a start!

I sewed that crib skirt last month and put the rest of the crib projects on hold until I knew they would fit. The skirt was PRECISELY the correct measurement down to the millimeter, so looks like I’m on the right track! I haven’t sewn a project like this since Home Ec in Jr. High (if ever)…

It’s official though, WildGirl is going to have a fancier room AND wardrobe than her Mama.

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So the trip to IKEA didn’t quite go as planned – I checked inventory online before we left to see that there were 6 of the crib that I want in stock, only to get there and find them completely out. It wasn’t a complete failure though as we did get the dresser, crib mattress, and a couple other things we needed, but it does mean that we have to make the trip up there again…I guess that’s not that bad either 😉

This week I’ll be buying the paint for the nursery as well as taping off the room so that the Mr. can start painting while I’m visiting Sister in LA this weekend on a mini (last pre-baby) vacay. An idea board is in the works so that I can post it here, but the nursery will most definitely be the nicest room in the house if all goes according to plan!

I’ve been working on a little project to hang in the room and the hard part is done! When complete it will be a mobile somewhat like the one shown here, but I haven’t decided on how I’m going to hang it just yet. In the meantime, at least the flock is now complete – I’m pretty happy with how they came out!!

Now to finish the bedding…

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Mr. and Mrs. Wildman are having a Wildbaby!

Well it’s been a long time since I blogged, but figured it’s about time to get started again since life is changing in so many ways, and I have lots of people elsewhere to share these milestones with! I’m also starting to undertake a lot of projects which I really want to log and remember so this will be the place for those.

Back in July, the Mr. and I found out that we’ll be welcoming our first WildChild into the world this coming April! Just before November we found out that WildChild would be a WildGirl and couldn’t be more excited!

This week Mr. Wildman emptied out the nursery-to-be and on Sunday we’re going to be headed to our (my) favorite Swedish warehouse to purchase some furniture and hopefully buy some paint too so that Mr. can paint while I’m on vacation in LA visiting the Sister next weekend.

ETA is April 10th so I really only have a short time left and now that baby’s kicking and we’re starting on her room and getting all kinds of presents for her in the mail, it’s all starting to feel so, SO real!

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Places to visit

Smithsonian just published their own “life list” of 28 incredible places to visit before you die.  I’ve only been to two of these so far – the Louvre and the Grand Canyon, which means -I’ve got to get out more.

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