So the trip to IKEA didn’t quite go as planned – I checked inventory online before we left to see that there were 6 of the crib that I want in stock, only to get there and find them completely out. It wasn’t a complete failure though as we did get the dresser, crib mattress, and a couple other things we needed, but it does mean that we have to make the trip up there again…I guess that’s not that bad either 😉

This week I’ll be buying the paint for the nursery as well as taping off the room so that the Mr. can start painting while I’m visiting Sister in LA this weekend on a mini (last pre-baby) vacay. An idea board is in the works so that I can post it here, but the nursery will most definitely be the nicest room in the house if all goes according to plan!

I’ve been working on a little project to hang in the room and the hard part is done! When complete it will be a mobile somewhat like the one shown here, but I haven’t decided on how I’m going to hang it just yet. In the meantime, at least the flock is now complete – I’m pretty happy with how they came out!!

Now to finish the bedding…

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