Mr. and Mrs. Wildman are having a Wildbaby!

Well it’s been a long time since I blogged, but figured it’s about time to get started again since life is changing in so many ways, and I have lots of people elsewhere to share these milestones with! I’m also starting to undertake a lot of projects which I really want to log and remember so this will be the place for those.

Back in July, the Mr. and I found out that we’ll be welcoming our first WildChild into the world this coming April! Just before November we found out that WildChild would be a WildGirl and couldn’t be more excited!

This week Mr. Wildman emptied out the nursery-to-be and on Sunday we’re going to be headed to our (my) favorite Swedish warehouse to purchase some furniture and hopefully buy some paint too so that Mr. can paint while I’m on vacation in LA visiting the Sister next weekend.

ETA is April 10th so I really only have a short time left and now that baby’s kicking and we’re starting on her room and getting all kinds of presents for her in the mail, it’s all starting to feel so, SO real!

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