Five Months!

Baby Dahlia is five months! I can’t believe how fast time flies and how big she’s gotten. She’s such a joy in my life, and I really can’t imagine life without her.

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Wallpaper Lust

One of my favorite bloggers – Joy of Oh Joy! Fame, has just launched her own line of wallpaper. I’ve never been a fan of wallpaper, but am LUSTING over some of her designs – this one above, in particular.

See more HERE.

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I would give my left pinkie to win this contest.

More info on this rad new machine here – Silhouette

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Dahlia – July

Here are some of my favorite shots from July.

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Dahlia Jane Wildman

Well – everyone knows I’ve had my baby. FOUR MONTHS AGO.


Here’s to hoping I might remember this blog exists now that I’m starting to find more time and I’ll post some pictures every now and then.

I’ll try to come back and edit this post with a couple of shots from the beginning, but in the meantime I plan on updating moving forwards.

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Belly Pics!

I swore I wasn’t going to have maternity shots done – as a photographer, I much prefer to remain behind the camera. Not to mention that I haven’t been feeling so pretty these days at 9 months pregnant. Many friends coaxed me into it, saying I’d regret it later if I had the opportunity and passed it up. Then, I had a concept idea which I decided to make happen with the help of a talented photographer friend and now, couldn’t be more happy with the final outcome. Here are just a few – I love how they’ve come out and can’t wait to see the rest!

All images copyrighted – Nadia Caffesse – Full Tilt Photography

All images copyrighted – Nadia Caffesse – Full Tilt Photography

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We’ve had quite the long, cold, winter here in Austin and many a tease of snow in the forecast. Well, today it’s happened! No one believed that we’d see it, but here’s proof! I must also mention that just two days ago it was in the mid-seventies and gorgeous out. How’s that for crazy Texas weather?

Here are some pics that I ran out and grabbed of the house, and finally a belly shot at 34-weeks!! One of these day’s I’ll get around to posting the past belly pics I’ve taken if only to have them all posted in one place for posterity. Please ignore the side view of my balloon-like head and triple (or is that a quad?) chin.

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